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Your Florida Legislature passes laws that will impact your daily life. Much of this legislation will limit your economic freedom and your personal liberty. The Liberty First Network is fighting for liberty, and countering the special interests in Tallahassee working against you.

But we can’t do it without your help.

The Liberty First Network has been on the front lines in Tallahassee.  We are a loud and influential opponent of Common Core, Amendment 1 Implementation, Red Light Cameras, Regional Planning Councils and many more "Liberty" issues.

We represent you in numerous committee meetings on issues like property rights, education and privacy rights.  We meet with legislators to limit the damage from over-regulation, and we’ve written proactive legislation on Campaign Finance Reform.

Corporate and special interest groups have hundreds of lobbyists, and are spending millions of dollars to misinform the voters and influence the politicians.  Those lobbyists don’t stand for liberty.   Those lobbyists don’t represent you.

We do.

We are your voice in Tallahassee.  We are fighting for the issues that matter to you and your family.   We are arming you with the information you need on pending legislation and on voting records, so that you can make informed decisions.  

Even with our limited resources, we are making real progress every single day.  But, with your financial support, we could do much, much more.

Will you help us?

Your monthly contribution of $25, $50, $100 or more will continue to keep our organization fighting for you.

With your support, we can continue to build a better Florida for all of us.



The Liberty First Network

John Hallman, Danielle Alexandre ~ Lobbyists

Theile Riordan ~ Marketing/Engagement

Alex Snitker ~ President

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